Malondolo Our Venda Diva

The first track I heard by Malondolo was “Ndiadiphina” on Phalaphala Fm. I was taken aback by such a voice, full of energy and oozing confidence. Upon hearing the name Malondolo, I quickly browsed the net looking for this mesmerizing lady from the motherland. I was disappointed as I did not find anything worth reading about Malondolo except her facebook pages; something I hoped would be sorted shortly as it is extremely difficult to find information about our Venda artists on the net, and as that does not make it any easier to market themselves. I was excited when a few days letter Malondolo posted a website address (www.nambidzadevhula.org.za) where fans can obtain more information about her and other artists from the north. Enough about that, a few weeks ago I got my copy of Malondolo’s album beautifully titled “Ndi a livhuwa”.
This album is a must-have for all those looking for something fresh for the ear, while reminiscing about the good old days when people would just sing for the love of music. The album is a fusion of Venda traditional dance song, Jazz and Soul accompanied with such powerful voice from Malondolo.  The opening track on the album, “Zendekela”, surely will bring back lots of memories to many. The album has 10 beautifully done tracks. My personal favourite tracks from the album are “Thungununu nemulamboni”, “Wonderful joy” and the title track “Ndi a livhuwa”. Other tracks include “Sialala”, “Shavha mbevha”, Mathada” and “Iyo”. Malondolo, who is being hailed as the Queen of Tshivenda traditional music, is surely going places with her music, having been nominated for the 2011 edition of the SATMA awards. 
Malondolo’s album has been nominated in two categories, Best Ethno soul and Best song of the year for “Ndi a livhuwa”. This is a big achievement for this down-to-earth singer from Venda. It is a sign that she is headed in the right direction, and I for one cannot wait to see her career blossoming as I believe it’s only a matter of time before this time bomb explodes. Fans are urged to vote for Malondolo so she can bring the awards home.
To vote for Malondolo follow these easy steps.
For Best Ethno soul, SMS Satma Best Ethno Soul Malondolo to 34066
For Best Song of the year, SMS Satma Best song of the year Malondolo to 34066


  1. Where do we find Malondolo and Junika's CDs. I am in Pretoria and I have checked all the music stores they say they do not know/have the CD. Please help.

  2. Pta, Ha-Mavhele, Cnr Church & Potgieter streets.

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  4. polokwane and makhado, CD dza malondolo ndi dzi wana ngafhi

  5. I am in Johannesburg and I have checked the music stores they say they do not know/have Malondolo CD's. Please help.

  6. Malondolo "khotsi a vhananga" i love this song am in jozin and am struglin to get a copy...i wish u culd go far on this industry my sister wish to meet u one day chessss go limpopo go

  7. Malondolo's Music rocks. Ridi rwa khana ngae wa khaladzi


  9. malondolo ukhouya kule soo ZAHARA watch the space.u khopuda mukololo wa venda.GO MALONDOLO GO.

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  11. Thats good work you are doing guys: you can also visit www.masasemag.co.za for more on Vha-Venda Stories and Success

  12. Guyz whr cn we download malondolo's tracks guyz plz