P. Postman's new single

P. Postman (Percy Mukwevho) has released his latest single titled "I'm a legend". I got myself a copy this past weekend and I must say my expectations were very high when I bought the disc. Guess what! I'm not dissapointed at all, I got more than what I had expected. The boy is really a legend in the making. I can't wait for the full album which is scheduled for release early in 2012.

The disc has four songs, "I'm a legend", "Got you all ready", "Ndo enda" and "Ndo enda (Accoustic)". For enquiries you can contact P. Postman's Manager, Jah Major @ 083 7016 228 or fortune@rudebwoy.co.za


  1. where can i get myself his(P.Postman) CD around Joburg

  2. Sure, contact fortune@rudebwoy.co.za